ENERGY MEDICINE & Eden Energy Medicine ("Eden Method")

“The body is designed to heal itself, but trauma, environmental and internal toxins, as well as the unrelenting stressors of daily life inhibit those natural abilities.  Energy Medicine focuses on balancing and correcting energetic irregularities and clearing energetic blocks” (Bruce Lipton, “Heal”)

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) – The ‘EDEN METHOD’ named after founder Donna Eden  who is considered to have legendary healing abilities and to be “a pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine, within both traditional and alternative health care settings.”  Eden Energy Medicine is a comprehensive system of alternative health care that integrates both the time-honoured healing wisdom of ancient cultures around the world, with today’s cutting-edge scientific discoveries (“New Biology”/”New Physics”/”New Science”).  Donna Eden’s ability to clearly see the bodies energies, combined with the vast array of empirical knowledge she gained through her years as a prolific energy healer and educator, has provided Donna with the unique ability to create a method of healing that is effective, pragmatic and testable, through the use of kinesiology (“muscle” or “energy testing”).  

With Eden Energy Medicine the focus is on balancing each of The 9 Primary Energy Systems. These include: 

1) The Aura,               
2) The Celtic Weave
3) The Meridians,       
4) The Chakras,       
5) The Radiant Circuits,
6) The Five Elements (or Rhythms)
7) Triple Warmer,      
8) The Electrics,
9) The Basic Grid (Corrections performed by Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioners only)

Eden Energy Medicine emphasizes self-healing and the active support of the healthy flow of one’s own energies.  Donna has posted numerous informational and self-help videos on YouTube, on the subject of Energy Medicine, and in particular she promotes of use of Donna’s Daily Energy Routine  as a means to achieving optimal health and wellbeing.  Through vehicles such as this, EEM advocates for individuals to take up the challenge of understanding and managing their own unique energetic patterns and habits.  As such, EEM is considered both an empowering system of self-help and self-care, as well as a powerful tool in the hands of a competent, certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner.

Donna Eden is a highly sought-after healer, educator and spokesperson for Energy Medicine and is recognized for her innate ability to literally see the body’s energies and to accurately determine the causes of physical, emotional and psychological problems resulting from the state of these energies.  Pairing her amazing gift of clairvoyance with her highly tuned intuitive abilities, Donna has devised hundreds of highly effective treatments to address each client’s unique energy balancing requirements.  

Donna has co-authored, with her husband Dr. David Feinstein, a number of books on the subject of Energy Medicine, including: Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy and Vitality, Energy Medicine for Woman: Aligning Your Body’s Energies to Boost your Health and Vitality and The Promise of Energy Psychology.  Her abilities as a healer are legendary and she has taught over 100,000 people world-wide, both lay people and professionals”. 

Today Donna focuses her energies on the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program (EEMCP) and on educating people around the world, on how to use Energy Medicine practices to heal themselves and others.

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