Melanie Kraska

In my search for a more balanced and meaningful life, I found a new passion for energy healing.

I can truly say that my life has more or less followed a typical path to this point, not venturing too far outside of the norms of my day or of what others expected from me.  I went from high school on to university, where I got a B.A. in Psychology.  Although psychology has always held great interest to me (as it still does today in the area of Energy Psychology (Psych-K), following graduation I moved into the Oil and Gas sector, considering that was where the ‘real money’ was to be made.  After 20 years of hard work, long hours and an unrelenting schedule, I was seemingly ‘successful’, and although I enjoyed my job immensely, I felt a profound sense of knowing that this was not where I was meant to be.  I heard a calling for something more, something that would bring my life back to balance, harmony and hopefully back to joy.

In this search for more ‘something more’, I decided to venture into unknown territory, and so began my earliest introduction to working with energy using Reiki. I completed my first Reiki course in early 2015, then later obtained my 3rd Degree/Master’s Level Usui Reiki Certificate from Mount Royal College in October of 2016.  I later discovered the amazing abilities and work of Donna Eden, who is a bubbly and incredibly knowledgable and well respected energy healer herself.  I found that Donna, through her own ability to see energy, her need to heal herself, and her desire to share her incredible learnings and insights with others, had created an incredible and all encompassing program of energy healing.  As such, since leaving the Oil and Gas industry in early 2017, I have devoted my time to completing Donna Eden’s – Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program (EEM-CP), which I completed in May of 2019.  I am currently completing Level 3 of EEM’s Clinical Practicum and have my sights set on beginning Level 4 – Eden Energy Medicine’s Advanced Practitioners course – later this year.

In addition to EEM-CP, and as a result of following my desire to better understand the science behind energy and how it works, from a quantum perspective, I came across the works of Dr. Bruce Lipton (a cellular biologist who has taught medical students for over 20 years, including a prestigious post at Princeton University).  For more than 20 years, Dr. Lipton has seen in his lab work and related scientific experiments, that it is our energy field, our environment and the perceptions that we hold, that truly determine our state of health and wellbeing – not our genetics.  That we are not victims to our family history and genetic traits, but rather that we are indeed very powerful and that we can and do play a significant role in determining our current and future physical and psychological states.  It is through his work that I came across Psych-K (TM).  Today, I am a certified “Advanced Psych-K Facilitator” and I am honoured to be able to bring these amazingly powerful tools to anyone seeking to be aided in their own individual journeys into higher consciousness, better health and overall happiness.  

I am excited and grateful to be able to share the amazing knowledge and wisdom that I’ve received through the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program (Donna Eden) and through Psych-K (Robert M. Williams), and to be able to offer the amazing gift of physical and psychological health and wellbeing to others.  Our bodies are not separate entities to be treated apart from our energies and our spirit, it is through these means that we will find what it is to live life to the fullest, united as mind, body and spirit.

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