Melanie Kraska

In my search for a more balanced and meaningful life, I found a new passion for energy healing.

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Having always had a special interest in the field of Psychology, I obtained my B.A. in this area from the University of Calgary in the early 90’s.  Although psychology has always held great interest for me (as it still does today in the area of Energy Psychology (PSYCH-K®), following graduation I moved into the local pipeline industry, where I worked for over 20 years.  As is the case for many of us, my career entailed challenging mental work, long hours and an unrelenting schedule; although I found it immensely satisfying in many ways, I also yearned for something more… something that would bring my health and life back to a state of balance, harmony and, hopefully, back to joy.


Bachelor of Arts Degree – Psychology – University of Calgary (May 1992)

Master’s Level (3rd Degree) Usui Reiki Certificate Mount Royal University (October of 2016).

Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program (EEM-CP) – Foundations/Level 1 – Mount Royal University & Level 2 – Phoenix, AZ. (May 2019)

Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner Certification Program (EEM-CLP) – Level 3, San Diego, CA (July 2020)

PSYCH-K®: Basic – Advanced – Master Facilitation & Devine Integration Retreat Programs Completed – Calgary, AB (2019 – 2020)

EEM Level 4 – I am also excited to share that I have recently been accepted to the Eden Energy Medicine’s Advanced Practitioners program – now delayed, amid Covid-19 concerns, to June of 2021.  Wiithin North America, only 24 practitioners are accepted for this program each year.  This class is held in San Diego is currently expected to be facilitated by renown energy healer, Madison King (of London, UK)

I am honoured to be able to bring these amazingly powerful tools to anyone seeking to be aided in their own individual journeys into higher consciousness, better health and overall happiness.  

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