PSYCH-K® (Psychological Kinesiology) – a method of Energy Psychology that can quickly, easily and effectively change the subconscious beliefs and systems of beliefs that are no longer serving you.  These negative or limiting belief systems can sabotage any attempts you make to reach desired goals or to live your best life. Using Psych-K, these subconscious beliefs can be engaged directly and can be re-programmed into healthy and positive beliefs.  Psych-K comprises a number of techniques, which function to create whole-brain integration (based largely on years of split-brain research), along with the knowledge of how to clearly and effectively communicate what the new or desired goal/state is, in a language that is highly comprehensible to the subconscious mind; thereby maximizing the results delivered by Psych-K.

Created by Robert M. Williams, M.A, an experienced and well respected psychotherapist, educator and advocate for the power and effectiveness of Energy Psychology (in particular Psych-K).  Rob co-hosted The Biology of Perception…The Psychology of Change presentation with his colleague and well respected biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton.  Robert authored “Psych-K, The Missing Piece/Peace In Your Life“, whose forward, provided by Dr. Lipton states that “A radically new understanding emerging at the cutting edge of cell science recognizes that the environment, and more specifically our perception of the environment, directly controls our behaviour and the activity of our genes.  Since our “perceptions” may be accurate or inaccurate, we may ore appropriately refer to them as – beliefs.  Rather than your genes, it is your beliefs that control your biology.”  Dr. Lipton continues to push psychology beyond the status-quo, beyond the limits of current mainstream scientific and psychological dogma of the day, into the quantum age we now exist in.

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