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Energy Medicine - Hands Free HEALING

As an energy intuitive, I allow your energies to guide the session.  As energies are cleared from various energy systems, such as the aura, the chakra’s and the meridian pathway system, fresh new healing energies are then brought back into the body, facilitating energetic balance and harmony.  The release of these stagnant or blocked energies allows your body’s to maintain an optimal state of health and wellbeing.

This treatment is a wonderful and relaxing way to address any form of stress or dis-ease being experiencing.  Great for all ages. (60 min)

Eden Energy Medicine session

This session begins with a Quickie Energy Balancer then quickly moves into an “Energy Tracker” session. Through the use of energy testing (aka: Muscle Testing), your body is able to communicate with the outside world.  Using the information gained in this way, your body is able to guide the session, as it highlights exactly where your own specific energetic blocks and challenges exist and by directing us to the energy system(s) most in need of attention. At the end of this session, you will be provided with individual self-care instructions, designed to bring long lasting change to the energy challenges seen during your session.  (60 – 90 Min)

** Your EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE ENERGY TRACKER SESSION may include one or more of the following protocols, as determined by your body’s own individual energetic balancing requirements…

quickie energy balancer

Every Eden Energy Medicine Energy Tracker Sessions begins with a Quickie Energy Balancer (Q.E.B.). The overall function and purpose of the QEB is to open up and activate each of the body’s primary energy systems, to clear stagnant energies and toxins from the body, and to create optimal energetic flow and balance within the body’s basic energy systems.  This protocol is both a relaxing and invigorating way to effect and create energetic balance in the body.  The QEB is considered an essential and fundamental technique in Eden Energy Medicine, as it also prepares the body to receive, and to better integrate, deeper energy work. 

Revitalizing & Deep healing electrics

These are two incredibly powerful ways to tap into the amazing healing abilities of our own electrical energies.  These protocols are designed to kick your bodies own divine healing energies and potential into full gear, making them a wonderful way to address and relieve issues such as: stress, autoimmune issues, cardiac or neurological dis-ease, or simply to find deep relaxation. 

The Deep Healing Electrics session is a prolonged session (90+ min.), due to the deep and often profound healing that can be experienced during these sessions.  These sessions are guided by your own bodies own divine intelligence, allowing for energy and healing to take place where it is most needed and as your body dictates. 

Chakra Balancing

“The major chakras are comprised of 7 spiralling “pools” of energy that are situated from the top of your head (Crown chakra) to the base of your spine (Root chakra).  The chakras carry fresh energy into the body and transport stagnant energies out of the body.  They service the organs, muscles, ligaments, veins and other body parts that sit within their field.  Additionally, these energy processing plants register, sort and store energies the contain information about your body, your emotions and your life’s journey.

Clearing and balancing the chakra energies helps balance your body chemistry, improves your mental acuity and strengthens your overall health.”  – Donna Eden

Black Pearl sanctuary

Wonderful for stress, anxiety and overwhelm.  This protocol helps to to break an entrenched ‘Fight or Flight’ response, bringing the hypothalamus (a.k.a. The ‘Black Pearl’) and nervous system back to a state of calm and harmony. The resulting sense of peace, and tranquility sends signals of safety to the to these systems, resulting in the reduction of the output of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol and allowing the body and the immune system to return to a state of growth and healing.

grounding techniques

Being grounded is a vital part of living a healthy and vibrant life.  Ensuring that the body’s energies and polarities are facilitating a strong and resilient connection to the natural receipt and flow of earth’s healing energies is an essential part of being healthy and ‘grounded’.  Being grounded allows for earth’s vital energies to come up through the feet and into the body and etheric field; conversely, it allows for excess, stagnant or negative energies to be released back to Mother Earth.  Grounding allows for this natural and essential exchange of energies between you and the earth.  This connection is required for optimal mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing and for a more personal connection to all living things.

because Energy is all there is...

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