About your session...

  • You remain fully clothed throughout your session.
  • Sessions are held in a clean, warm & safe environment – massage table is cleaned and all linens changed out between each client
  • Rates for all service types are – 1 hr (60 min) 1.5 hrs (90 min) $225.00 / 2-hrs (120 min) $300.00
  • Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) 
  •  “Tracker”Sessions
    •  Energetic balance/imbalance is assessed using energy testing (a.k.a.: muscle testing)
  • Psych-K Sessions –  A typical in-person session is approx. 1.5 hrs (90 min): $225.00.  Remote/Online sessions are available at a discounted rate of $125 for 1.25 hrs.  If you require a longer session than what is available on our booking tool, please call (587) 582-1645 to book directly.
  • Reiki Sessions –  A typical session approx. 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs (90/120 min): $225.00/$300.00 respectively. 
  • online/remote sessions – includes EEM, Psych-K & Reiki – Typical Session 1 – 1.25 min (60 – 75 min). $125.00
  • Educating you regarding your own unique energy body, as well as providing you with home/self-care techniques, specifically geared to address your individual energetic needs, is a key component to your Eden Energy Medicine session.  
  • Online/remote sessions (via zoom or FaceTime) are a highly effective option, should you be unable to visit in person.  Energy is not constrained by distance, and therefore works just as effectively, in most circumstances, as in person work does. (sessions ~ 1 hr. $125.00)
  • You can choose to come weekly, monthly, seasonally, or just once!
  • *Allergy Alert – Please note: I do work out of my home and I do have pets.
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