"I went to Melanie for Energy Medicine healing to alleviate symptoms from several concussions. I immediately felt comfortable with her approach. During our session I started to feel more energy, warmth and calmness. My body seemed to release stress and tension, my brain relaxed. It felt like it was becoming unstuck from a spasm. As the treatment progressed I felt better and better. Melanie's competence and the techniques she utilized, worked in harmony with my body and my brain. I felt fantastic. Driving home, I noticed my vision was sharper, my brain was clearer, I felt more confident in my driving. I was seeing and feeling everything with a greater clarity than before. Through the capability of her work, I continue to notice improvement in not only my concussion symptoms, but also a wonderful feeling of 'calm and competence' in the following weeks.

Using the exercise she gave me, to help my memory, has really worked. ENERGY is medicine. Melanie is an amazing practitioner. I encourage you to experience this wonderful healing for yourself."
Tammy Schmidt
Calgary, AB
"It has been an honour & a privilege to work with Melanie over the last year. Melanie has an incredible gift of blending Psych-K & Eden Energy Medicine together. She dedicates herself to learning & has a marvellous ability to apply what she learns to empower others. Patience, Kindness, wisdom & peaceful mannerisms, creating a sacred space for one to feel safe & transform. She has assisted me to progress from being stuck & frozen to stepping forward confidently to embrace life & see the infinite possibilities ahead. Forever grateful that I had this opportunity to be supported by Melanie's guidance."
Debbie Burgess
Brandon, MB
"I just left my chiropractor appt. He's been working on strengthening my psoas muscle for months now, maybe even over a year. Today when he tested the muscle before working on me, he was pleasantly surprised that it was strong. He said it's a real turning point. I know it's definitely from our session yesterday. Just thought I'd share with gratitude. Thanks again for a much needed, amazing, transformative session."
(Following a 90 minute remote/online Psych-K session)
Laura Gilligan
Maryland, USA

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Hold on, chillax! We’re not trying to sell you on our product. Instead, here are some dudes that will do the hard work for us.

"Psych-K is a set of principles and processes designed to change subconscious beliefs that limit the expression of your full potential as a spiritual being having a human experience." Rob Williams (Originator of Psych-K)
melisa pamuk
product designer
"The secret of life is BELIEF, rather than genes, it is our beleifs that control our lives. PSYCH-K is a set of simple, self-empowering processes to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level." Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D (Author of The Biology of Belief)
marina dalmas
marketing manager
I don't even know how I got by without this stuff. This right here is the bomb. Especially the awesome filters included.
denis maceoin
music producer
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